Swearing by Radio York

Thanks to BBC Radio York for inviting me to talk about swearing with Julia Lewis (without swearing once!). We discussed issues relevant to English Language A level from corpus and attitudes research including:

Email me if you would like a copy of the recording; it includes a vox pop about attitudes to swearing which would be a great lesson starter.

More PhD success

Delighted to celebrate the graduation of Dr Shadiya AlHashmi!

Shadiya’s PhD is in historical phonology, reconstructing the trajectory of phonetic adaptation of Arabic loanwords into Turkish.


Proud to see two of my most recent research students graduate this last weekend:

  • Cath Pease: MA by Research for work on accentedness and intelligibility in the speech of L1 Arabic learners of L2 English
  • Saudi Sadiq: PhD for work on dialect (non-)levelling in Egypt (co-supervised with Paul Kerswill)